The Story of Sucessful Micro-Entrepreneur

Wooniversity team already prepared the successful Mitra and supported them to become Successful Micro-Entrepreneur.

After processing for 1 month in the GPS program, successful mitra received business training consisting of personal coaching, webinars, and et cetera. The interesting thing is that all participants experienced changes in terms of thinking, how to sell, how to calculate income. This program is expected to be a place for successful mitra who want to learn to start a business.

One of the benefits that can be felt is the use of the Woobiz’s Apps which can assist mitra in creating product catalogs to be distributed to potential customers. In this case, successful partners can also manage the profit from their sales. Successful mitra believe that Woobiz’s Apps is their solution in reaching a wider consumer.

Understanding the use of the Woobiz’s Apps is one of the lessons given during the GPS program. This is a new experience for our Partners (mostly Ibu-Ibu), quoted from one of the participants, Ismatuddyanah: Before using the Woobiz App, I had difficulty getting access to selling products. There are so many shops and goods that it is difficult for me to determine what items are suitable for my customers. After being introduced to the Woobiz Apps, I found it easier to choose products to sell because all products were already available, making it easier for me to resell items. The GPS program provides business training to support my sales. Overall, the GPS program not only teaches how to start a business but also how to use the Woobiz Apps as a selling tool.

The GPS program targets successful Mitra (women) across Indonesia and supports them to become micro-entrepreneurs. Woobiz is eager to empower successful partners (Ibu-Ibu) across Indonesia.

We hope from the program we can empower many Indonesian women who are eager to increase their income and to become micro-entrepreneur. Looking forward to more empowerment movements across Indonesia!

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