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We Are On A Mission
to Empower Micro

At Woobiz, together we will make something impactful. As a new baby born startup we believe that tough challenges help us personally grow the most. That’s why we wholeheartedly believe in learning by facing real-world experience. We believe by helping you grow, we could all grow together.

We focus on individual who want to become micro entrepreneur. Here, people is not just selling product but also getting solution instead. The system made it easy for individuals to be sales agent of brands from anywhere, anytime. Woobiz also facilitate brands to sell their product directly to market across the country.

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The Story of Woobiz

Backed by a founding team who have a diverse and strong background, Woobiz commit to spread positive social impact by improving sales and distribution services in Indonesia. Woobiz embrace a local culture that value social interaction, believe that in-person shopping experience will still play major role indefinitely.

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We Support Women Become Superwoomen

We Support Women Become Superwoomen

Focus on facilitating individuals, Woobiz help improve local economies and bring opportunities to millions of people especially for the woman. Woman make up almost half of Indonesia's population and millions of them are in the low to middle income segment. They need extra income to support their household. But there is a big question, how to get the income?

Woobiz as sales agency platform could be the solution for their needs of facilitated extra income. We offer new business model to help woman become independent.

We Support Women Become Superwoomen

Our Value

No Worries, We Lift You Up

We have these fundamental beliefs as our core value. By using these value, we want to help people. So, they can achieve their goals as well as the company's.

Trust has a very special role to play in Woobiz. We build this trust by following the process and relationships with business partners, customers, and our people
We are on a mission to build an innovative micro-entrepreneurship empowerment platform. Playing a role as sales empowerment platform in Indonesia, Woobiz strives to empower women.
We provide smart technology that easy to use that will guide and motivate. So, you can be independent, self-guided, and always have the full control of your product.
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Made In Local, Proudly Born In Indonesia

Made In Local, Proudly Born In Indonesia

We Want to Support Each Other As a Local Proud.

Small and Medium Enterprises have proven their existence. Empowerment of (MSMEs) is an integral part of national development, aimed at building a just and prosperous society. In line with our mission, Woobiz want to be a partner of local brand who need to prove existence. Apart of empowerment, we help local brand to be independent, self-guided, and always have the full control of your product.

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