Succeeding With Woobiz: What Did Superwoomen Woobiz Say?

R.A Kartini, once said, “Keep dreaming, keep dreaming, dream as long as you can dream! If without a dream, what will be your life?” Superwoomen at Woobiz has very big goals, which is to be able to become financially independent.

This core objective is what all Superwoomen Woobiz strives for. One of the Superwoomen is Lia Chofifatin, she said, “Before knowing Woobiz, there were many challenges while selling online. One of the hardest things is how to make the right promotional content, being rejected by consumers, and so on. But, I didn’t lose hope and started my small business with full of excitement. After getting business training for one month I was able to increase my sales measurably. From weekly sales, I received training in the form of personal coaching, webinars, and similar training. Moreover, I was introduced to the Woobiz application which can be my selling tool, namely the E-Catalog feature. This program brings me closer to my objective.”

The same sentiment is shared with Ismatuddiyanah that said, “One of the trainings from the Wooniversity Team that I like is personal coaching. This training gave me the space to discuss the problems I often face when selling. The Wooniversity team provides various applicable tips and tricks. The key to my success is when I use the Woobiz App as a sales tool. The lesson I didn’t get elsewhere. Woobiz is the right place for me to start an online business and increase my income. I believe that I can reach my objective, and make my family’s future better.”

The G.P.S program is a forum for every individual to get an income equal to the minimum wage. The G.P.S program aims to empower individuals throughout Indonesia to be independent financially. The challenges that Superwoomen went through during the G.P.S Program have increasingly shaped them to become stronger individuals.

Our Superwoomen is part of the future of Indonesian families. Keep fighting together with Woobiz.

Empowerment, modern, and proudly born in Indonesia, we want to make an impact!

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