Woobiz Brand Partner Gathering, ‘Go Local, Impact for Everyone!’

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An exciting beginning, this perfectly describes the current state of Woobiz. We started our journey a few months ago, and now, we have already starting to see exciting growth and reception!

Last Saturday (13/4), Woobiz hosted our first gathering event for Brand Partner. An early effort for us to start building meaningful relationships with our stakeholders. Woobiz as a brand is still a baby, not many have heard about Woobiz and our vision to be an innovative sales agency platform-network. However, we are optimistic stakeholders will soon be aware of us. We are prepared to work hard and ready to face any obstacles, determines to learn and grow continuously.

Proceeding with our mission to empower women to become micro-entrepreneurs, we created an event with a theme of ‘Go Local, Impact for Everyone!’ and positively we see the enthusiasm from Brand Partners to join and support Woobiz all throughout the event.

We invited selected brand owners to provide other partners and also us with valuable insights on a panel discussion session; they were Lala Sarasati from Luana Hijab, Rey Naldo from The Blouse, Faris Budi Tri from Sipetek.id and Yuli Zahroh as Seller Representative. They’ve shared their motivation in doing business, explanation of why they want to join Woobiz, and high excitement to be part of Woobiz, empowering Woobiz’s women reseller partners.

Woobiz presents distinct services in sales and distribution. We want to help Brand Partners to sell their product through our reseller network and platform, empower all of the elements to get excellent opportunity and benefits. Further, we are growing and opening opportunity for Brands who wish to join Woobiz as Brand Partners.

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