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Almost every day we hear touching news due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. News of losses, including the reality that millions are being forced to lose their jobs and income. Women, especially housewives, are most affected by this pandemic. United Nations Women released a report that the pandemic in Indonesia made the burden on women gets even heavier.

Many women in Indonesia depend on their family businesses, and 82% of them experience a decrease in their source of income during this time. Social restrictions make 69% of women in Indonesia have to spend more time on household work. As many as 36% of women informal workers have to reduce their paid work time. This pandemic certainly also has an impact on mental health, 57% of women experience increased stress due to loss of jobs and income, and gender-based violence.

In the midst of grief and heavy burden that women feel during this Covid-19 pandemic, we still have hope to continue to empower people in facing this crisis. Since being established, we have remained consistent on our vision, to disrupt the antiquated industry with more accessible technology and spreading more powerful networks through distribution channels. Although it is not easy, we will not stop trying until every woman in Indonesia can feel empowered.

To develop technology with focus on women’s welfare, of course, women’s perspectives are needed. By holding these values, we are proud to mention that 42% of our team are women. More than 50% function are led by women, which directly affects how we perform on customer and market development. We believe that through a woman’s perspective, problems can be seen more clearly and the solutions can be effectively tailored. Because women are not seen only as customers but as a reflection of themselves. So the solutions are the result of an analysis that uses empathy. 

During our one-and-a-half-year journey, various programs oriented towards empowerment and our  education for women have been implemented in many cities, one of which is the Wooniversity program. From this program, a positive community was formed consisting of Woobiz Partners who gave each other encouragement and support.

Amid a pandemic and all its sorrow, we will never stop making an impact and bringing new hope. We are very pleased to anyone who wants to join our movement to support women who are striving for welfare and a valuable life.

Let’s #makeanimpact with Woobiz.


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