Meet 4 Superwoomen From Wooniversity

Have you ever imagined what’s it like for a real life synopsis of a Wonderwoman movie? The main character is described as a powerful, strong-willed woman who does not back down from any challenges. The challenges in the film are certainly different from the challenges of life where real life does not fight crimes; real life individuals fight to help their families through having income for livings.

Introducing our four Superwoomen from Wooniversity, the Wonderwoman of our everyday life. Their journeys of improvements are precise, from learning how to map the market properly, how to use the e-catalog feature in the Woobiz App which can assist mitra in creating their very own product catalogs, and could be distributed to the potential customers as well as to consumers buying mitra’s products. Not an easy subject for them because each of them has main activities as mothers at home. However, with a strong desire and patience, they were able to achieve their goal of earning the equivalent of the regional minimum wages from joining Woobiz.

This program provides a huge opportunity for mothers to start something that seems difficult. From having difficulty getting product access, finding the right market, making attractive marketing to being able to do business using an online platform, an end to end process. From these Superwoomen, we learned that everything takes processes, and the right process yields results.

The success of Wooniversity’s Superwoomen is an excellent reminder for all of us to keep the women’s empowerment spirit alive. We always need to remember that women are transcendent; women are strong; women are capable.

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