A Beautiful Collaboration: Garansi Pasti Sukses (G.P.S) Program X Purnama Beauty by Lesty Kejora


Successful Mitra is one of the main focuses of Woobiz. To support this goal, Wooniversity, a Woobiz Learning Center that provides learning channels for Mitra, supporting them to become Successful Micro-Entrepreneur was one of our core focus. Recently, Wooniversity has just completed its collaboration program with Purnama Beauty by Lesty Kejora, a beauty brand initiated by Indonesian singer with over 19 million social media followers. At the Piloting stage, Woobiz establishes over 300 resellers network across the Java area for the brand, facilitated by Woobiz platform and program, it has successfully produced more than 30% of successful Mitra, with promising cohort numbers. During the program, the resellers receive intensive business training from the Wooniversity team. Woobiz is very excited by this collaboration, as a collaboration program, Woobiz has received positive feedback and response from the participants with a positive NPS score at the end of the program.

The GPS Program (Garansi Pasti Sukses) is intended for Woobiz’s Mitra who want to obtain intense business training sessions that can help them increase their income, and become a micro-entrepreneur. This program is a tailored curriculum, which consists of a set of selling gamification, marketing activity challenges and small business modules. Each class session was trained by Wooniversity Trainer with enjoyable experience mix between webinars and fun activity like, creating promo content, learn how to become a micro influencer in selling their product and optimize Woobiz Apps feature.

This is a new experience for our Mitra (mostly Ibu-Ibu), quoted from one of the participants, Lia Choffifatin: “Woobiz provides very solid and easy to understand business training that helps me, as a housewife, to start my own online business. In addition, in terms of the Woobiz application, it also provides many advantages such as access to lots of products where products have been recommended by Woobiz and guaranteed to be in demand, features that can be adjusted profit management, transaction recording features so you can know how much total income and commissions are, and so on.”

One of our core activities is interactive webinar. It enables the participants to share their achievements, obstacles, insights regarding the program and our trainers will later give feedback and suggestions based on it. We believe in this way, the resellers will engage and learn more insights on how to grow their business sustainably.

We hope from the program we can empower many of Indonesian women who are eager to increase their income and to become micro-entrepreneur. Looking forward for more empowerment movements across Indonesia!

We just getting started, let the training begin!


So, What’s next?


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